Magnificent metallic tones for your wedding decor

Magnificent metallic tones for your wedding decor

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When it comes to transforming the style of any wedding, colours are essential. The mix of charming tones that is generated can reflect more of your style, good taste and personality. For 2018, and also for next year, metallic colours have erupted onto the bridal scene as an incredible accessory for your setting. Here we bring you some ideas to help you achieve this magnificent look on your big day.

savePhoto: Aaron Shintaku
Photo: Aaron Shintaku

The magic of metal, silver, rose gold and natural gold are no longer reserved for an evening event, their charm is just as great for day weddings be it indoor or outdoors. The use of these metallic tones is infinite, and they really create a style statement unlike any other and when combined with other vibrant tones, the result is simply perfect! You could mix white linens, vibrant flowers, neutral tones and frame an elegant backdrop with these brilliant metals.

savePhoto: Aaron Shintaku
Photo: Aaron Shintaku
savePhoto: Jose Villa
Photo: Jose Villa
savePhoto: Aaron Shintaku
Photo: Aaron Shintaku
savePhoto: Jose Villa
Photo: Jose Villa
savePhoto: Aaron Shintaku
Photo: Aaron Shintaku
savePhoto: Ashley Kelemen
Photo: Ashley Kelemen
savePhoto: Landon Jacob Photographer
Photo: Landon Jacob Photographer

Wedding decor with metallic touches can be made to look so effective in a huge number of ways. A table setting is the perfect example of this. Combinations, textures, embroidery, colours and glassware. Using a tablecloth with prints will look sensational with a selection of gold cutlery and flowers in neutral tones that help to set-off this style perfectly. To make an even greater impact, we recommend you choose vibrant colours; these combining with silver or gold will look phenomenal.

savePhoto: Abby Jiu Photography
Photo: Abby Jiu Photography
savePhoto: Michelle Lange
Photo: Michelle Lange
savePhoto: Bryce Covey
Photo: Bryce Covey
savePhoto: Melody Melikian Photography
Photo: Melody Melikian Photography
savePhoto: Sowen Photography
Photo: Sowen Photography

If you want something a little more understated, then perhaps choose the base of your centrepieces in these tones. The use of silver or gold can also work beautifully with your floral arrangements. You could also have crockery with prints in these tones; a simple gold pattern will add a real touch of glamour to your reception. Table names or numbers in sparkling gold will look incredible for an evening reception, or silver photo frames as a seating plan will really blend in perfectly with this colour scheme.

It’s the little details that are so important when trying to create a specific theme or look, which is why we think metallic tones on your cake or dessert table will look very striking. Paper pompoms in mettalic or gold colours are ideal, especially if you combine them with a perfect dose of neutral tones. These magnificent colours can also be brought into your desserts: a cake with these perfect matching details will become a stunning focal point.

savePhoto: Kari Herer
Photo: Kari Herer
savePhoto: Studio 28 Photo
Photo: Studio 28 Photo
savePhoto: Ruth Eileen
Photo: Ruth Eileen

If you’re stuck for a theme or colour scheme for your big day then this is definitely a fantastic and visually stunning concept. Sparkling and illuminating, what more could you want!

Photos by: Jose Villa, Aaron Shintaku, Ashley Kelemen, Landon Jacob Photographer, Abby Jiu Photography, Michelle Lange, Bryce Covey, Melody Melikian Photography, Sowen Photography, Kari Herer, Ruth Eileen, Studio 28 Photo

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