8 unique altars for your wedding ceremony

Planning a civil ceremony? Here are some ideas for an essential space in your big day - your wedding altar.

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If you’re going for a civil ceremony, you’re probably looking at ideal locations for getting married. But not only do you have to think about the setting, but you can also express your ideas for the altar where the ceremony will actually take place.All eyes will be on the two of you as you share this special moment with your guests, so you want to make sure that the spot where you say your vows is special and represents the wedding look you’re trying to capture. So here is some inspiration, with 8 unique ideas for wedding altars.

saveImage: Sweet Little Photographs
Image: Sweet Little Photographs

1. On a pier


If you’d like to get married by the sea, a pier or a small quay is perfect. You don’t have to worry about sand in your stilettos and there’s plenty of room for setting up an altar and seating for your guests. Also, as your guests look out at you, they’ll only see you two, your celebrant and the backdrop of the sea – beautiful!

saveImage: Roberto & MaríaLearn more about “Roberto & María”
Image: Roberto & María

2. In a garden

Spring is the perfect time for getting married in a garden. Bushes and trees are in bloom, flowers are starting to come alive, so if you’re looking for a wedding that’s inspired by nature, a garden backdrop is just perfect.

saveImage: Once Like A Spark
Image: Once Like A Spark

3. Dramatic scenery

Sometimes, there’s no need for decoration, just the backdrop of the amazing scenery behind you. This couple said ‘I do’ framed by vineyards and natural light – beautiful!

saveImage: KT Merry Photography
Image: KT Merry Photography

4. Surrounded by your guests

We at Zankyou really love this one. The couple stand in the middle of a circle of petals and are surrounded by their guests on both sides in a circle. The couple can see their guests and they can see the couple. It’s just so intimate, we love it!

saveImage: One Love Photo
Image: One Love Photo

5. DIY

We love DIY at Zankyou, as you well know, so any new DIY idea is always a hit with us. If you’re getting married outside, gorgeous DIY details are the perfect compliment. Origami pom-poms (pictured), light bulbs or little windmills, the choice is yours. But it’s all just so cute!

saveImage: KT Merry Photography
Image: KT Merry Photography

6. By the seaside

If you want a destination wedding, a beachside backdrop is probably one of your dreams. And if you pick a dreamy beach, there’s not much more you need. You can use natural elements, like plants, raffia and shells to make the most of your setting.

saveImage: KT Merry Photography
Image: KT Merry Photography

7. Flower girl

Flowers are a major element in most weddings, but why not give them a leading role by having an altar made of your wedding flowers. It’s the perfect frame for a dreamy summer wedding and in the photo above, we just love the compliment of the natural wood blocks at the bottom. Don’t you?!

saveImage: Alea Lovely
Image: Alea Lovely

8. Industrial

Remember Ross and Emily’s wedding in Friends when Ross finally chooses Rachel? That wedding was set in an almost industrial location – a chapel on the verge of demolition, with massive piles of bricks and sacks of sand and cement surrounding the couple. However, the space was tranformed with the right decoration, which is what you can do if you choose an industrial-style setting for your big day. As you can see above, the most delicate of details, like flower pots or candelabras, can make all the difference.

Images courtesy of Alea Lovely, KT Merry Photography, One Love Photo, Once Like a Spark, Roberto & María, Sweet Little Photographs.


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