Beautiful balloons for your wedding

Beautiful balloons for your wedding

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As you’ll already know, there are hundreds of ways to give your wedding a unique look. Balloons for your decor is one of our favourites for 2014, we think this decor idea can be made to look really fantastic. Add a touch of colour to your wedding with this fun idea.

Here are some cute ideas if you’re thinking of adopting this style into your wedding.

savePhoto: Jacob Mariano
Photo: Jacob Mariano
savePhoto: Amelia Lyon
Photo: Amelia Lyon
savePhoto: Avery House
Photo: Avery House

Balloons can form part of many areas of your wedding. For example, they could be used during your pre-wedding photo shoot, or you could surprise your guests with these during your ceremony or reception.

During the ceremony, you could have balloons tied to chairs along the aisle. You could have different shapes, colours and designs, you could also form words with letter balloons, spelling out some romantic love words. Choosing one balloon as a simple statement or a balloon bouquet for a big impact, the choice is yours.

savePhoto: BHLDN
Photo: BHLDN
savePhoto: Blue Eyed Yonder
Photo: Blue Eyed Yonder
savePhoto: Geronimo
Photo: Geronimo
savePhoto: Glass Jar Photography
Photo: Glass Jar Photography
savePhoto: Jacob Mariano
Photo: Jacob Mariano

If you want to fill your wedding with balloons, we recommend you choose places strategically. For example, during the reception, you could have balloons decorating the drinks area or cake table. You could also have some colourful mettalic ballons as centrepieces or even table numbers. Remember to choose vibrant colours for a day wedding and more dramatic tones for en evening event.

savePhoto: Michele M. Waite
Photo: Michele M. Waite
savePhoto: Pure Sugar Studios
Photo: Pure Sugar Studios
savePhoto: Natalia Spencer Photography
Photo: Natalia Spencer Photography

Choosing balloons with different details; You can opt for neutral tones, with splashes of contrasting colours, metallic details, tied with different fabrics or engraved with the couple’s name. Remember that these will also be a great prop for wedding photos and a fun session with your guests. These will be fun and happy photos you’ll look back on in years to come with great joy!

savePhoto: Jacob Mariano
Photo: Jacob Mariano
savePhoto: Jacob Mariano
Photo: Jacob Mariano
savePhoto: Amy Atlas
Photo: Amy Atlas

If we’ve already convinced you, it’s time for you to think about the type of balloons you want for your wedding decor. What are you waiting for? Bring back those childhood memories and have a wedding full of fun and laughter with these fantastic props!

Photo credits: Jacob Mariano, Pure Sugar Studios, Natalia Spencer Photography, Michele M. Waite, Glass Jar Photography, Avery House & Amelia Lyon.

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