Centrepieces without flowers? Here we explain how...

Centrepieces without flowers? Here we explain how...

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The reception is my favourite part of a wedding. Without removing the importance of the ceremony and all the other details that go into making this day so special, I just love the different types of styling and themes that I keep coming across. Through the chosen theme and decor, each space can convert itself into a true vision of the couple’s personality, and for me, centrepieces play such a fundamental part in this. This time we want to wow you with  a new trend in centrepieces without flowers! Have a look…

savePhoto: Cyn Kain Photography
Photo: Cyn Kain Photography

When it comes to wedding decor, centrepieces often steal the show. The more classic design of these usually involve flowers: a mix of species, colours, sizes and foliage can be different for every ceremony. However, the current trend completely forgets these natural beauties to welcome objects that you never would have thought of. With a bit of creativity, vibrant tones and antique objects, your centrepieces can forget about flowers without leaving behind their magnificent elegance.

savePhoto: Jasmine Star
Photo: Jasmine Star
savePhoto: Lovely Union
Photo: Lovely Union
savePhoto: Beaux Arts Photographie
Photo: Beaux Arts Photographie

One of the things I love most for centrepieces, are books. The classics can now form part of your wedding decor, and the older looking they are the more charm they have. You could buy old books in charity shops or markets, or make use of ones you may have at home. Once you have enough for each table, we suggest tying them together with hessian or vintage fabrics. You could place old candlesticks on top or empty glass bottles, even vintage birdcages would look spectacular. The purpose being that every centrepiece you produce is unique yet stunning.

savePhoto: shfall Mixed Media Inc
Photo: shfall Mixed Media Inc
savePhoto: Turner Creative Photography
Photo: Turner Creative Photography
savePhoto: Brett Heidebrecht
Photo: Brett Heidebrecht

If you don’t want to steer too clear of flowers and natural beauty, there are plenty of options! Succulents for example, would add a natural yet rustic look, simple but extremely effective at transforming the whole look of your tables. Fruits and vegetables are also great for adding a hint of colour. Artichokes, (yes artichokes I hear you cry!) and their unusual form take centrepieces to another level. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and if using fruits and vegetables, try and keep them seasonal. Bowls of lemons and limes for a summer wedding would look incredible, likewise cranberries in vintage jars for a winter wedding.

savePhoto: Kristen Weaver Photography
Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography
savePhoto: Wooden Fields Photography
Photo: Wooden Fields Photography

Sometimes I think centrepieces aren’t quite complete if they don’t have candles. Not just a great source of light for an evening event, but an extremely romantic and elegant look. If your wedding is during the day, floating candles in vases of water look incredibly pretty. These can then be lit after sunset which will change the mood and tone of the wedding in the most beautiful way. If you’re looking for something a little more glam, then golden or metallic objects add that wow factor, or perhaps crystal lamps for a completely opulent look. The sky really is the limit!

savePhoto: AJH Photography
Photo: AJH Photography

Are you the fun type? Pinwheels are the answer! Their vibrant colours and fun aspect will have your guests playing with them in no time.

There is no doubt that flowers are beautiful, but forget about them for just one moment and stun your guests with something creative and unique.

Photo credits: Cyn Kain Photography, Jasmine Star, Lovely Union, Ashfall Mixed Media Inc, Turner Creative Photography, Brett Heidebrecht, Kristen Weaver Photography, AJH Photography


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