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How to create a website for your wedding with Zankyou?

You can design your space from beginning to end thanks to the 50 available templates and designs. Add content to your website in an easy and personalized way.

Your website allows you to share with your loved ones all the details of your wedding such as the wedding agenda with geolocalized maps, hotels and hairdressers nearby, wedding playslist, photo and video gallery, confirmations of attendance, among many other things. Create something unique that will surprise your loved ones!

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Choose your template
There are more than 50 beautiful templates available for you to choose from. Choose the one that fits you most!
Personalise the design
Simple and easy to edit, you can easily add and customize all your wedding information to create a unique wedding website to your liking.
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You can choose the font for every section of your website, alongside the colour and size.
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You can define who can access your website and if it can be found on search engines such as Google. Your wedding is a private event, your website should be too!

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Make sure that none of your guests get lost en route


Receive and instantly share the photos of your wedding


Add HD videos to your wedding website

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Create your own homepage with a personalised domaine!


Create a wedding playlist with your guests and get the party started!


Save calls from your guests by sharing the wedding calendar on your website!


Communicating with your guests has never been so fun!

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Perfect for your guests who are travelling for your wedding. They can reserve their accommodation directly from your website.

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Help your guests stay organised with Save the Date messages


Choose from hundreds of design templates or create your own

Online RSVP for guests

Include free cards with the name of your website in your wedding invitations, and send your invites online from our huge selection of designs

Gift list

Effortlessly create an online registry and use your money with complete freedom.

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Design and personalise your wedding homepage with the Zankyou App.

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What is a wedding website for?
The wedding website is a free and personalized space, in which you can easily include all the details for your big day and share them with your guests. On the website you will find everything you need to know: the wedding calendar, directions to the wedding ceremony, geo maps, recommended hotels and hairdressers, and interesting information about many other things. Furthermore, it allows you to interact with your guests by sharing photos, videos, and even a music playlist. You can also manage the confirmation of guests assisting the wedding, and ask them questions such as if they will need to use the coach or if they have some kind of dietary requests. It truly is a unique opportunity to include all the information for your wedding in one single place. The website comes with the best personalized designs so that you can create a website that you really like and share them with your loved ones.
Can I have my own domain?
Yes, you can create your own personalised domain, for example: To do this you just need to add this service through the premium section of your website. Choose the domain name that you like the most and publish your website to share all the information about your big day to your guests.
Can my wedding website and my wedding invitations have the same design?
Yes! With Zankyou you can download the stationery store for your wedding website thanks to our service Zankyou Paper. Choose the design you like the most for your wedding website and download the invitations with the same design. We will also give you the possibility of having all the stationery sets you need for your big day, such as the “save the date”, the invitations, the thank you cards, the menu, and others. Everything with the same design as your wedding website, giving you more harmony and exclusivity for your special day.
Can the guests interact with my wedding website?
Yes, the wedding website is created especially so that your guests can confirm their attendance through the RSVP, send a gift via your wedding list, share photos before and after the big day, add music that they want to listen to such as a spotify playlist, upload videos, write messages, download the wedding calendar on their phones, and get all the info they need, whenever they want. Access your online and personalized wedding website with just one click!
Can I include my wedding gift list on my wedding website?
Yes, you just need to activate your list and add the personalized gifts that you like so that your guests can contribute. Whichever gifts you choose; couple’s trips, home décor, experiences, technology etc., you will receive them in the form of cash directly to your bank account. It is considered the most elegant and personal form of receiving gifts which also allows you to use your guests’ contributions with total freedom, however you want. It is the only wedding list that has been around for more than 12 years; 9 out of 10 couples have used it and recommend it.
Do you have to pay to create the wedding website?
Creating your wedding website and web-list is completely free. Create your own space, add your gifts in 2 clicks and personalise it however you want. Moreover, if you would like, you can add extra features to your website from our Zankyou Premium section, such as a personalised web domain, free unlimited transfers, background music… We offer endless resources that will make your wedding website and web-list unique and attractive which your guests are bound to love.

Create a free, private site for your wedding

You will find the best premium products to make your wedding website unique: premium designs, background music, PRO photo gallery, videos, hotels and hairdressers nearby, wedding blog ... And much more!

You will be able to import your guest list, send them a personalised message, organise the wedding tables, include free cards in your invitation, create a music playlist, etc.

You will receive on your cellphone all the communications and interactions of your guests with your website: attendance confirmations, new gifts on your list, messages in your guestbook, new photos...


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