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6.1 How do we receive the total value of the gifts we have received?

Zankyou will transfer, upon request, the full cash equivalent of the gifts received up until that time to your personal bank account.

6.2 How can I order a money transfer?

You can request the bank transfer whenever you like. The only requirement for requesting a transfer of funds is that you have started receiving gifts. Before you request the first transfer we will need to assign a bank account number to your Zankyou account. For this, we need a signed authorisation form from both the bride and groom.

6.3 How does Zankyou guarantee that these transactions are legitimate and secure?

In order to request the first transfer we will need to match your bank account number with your Zankyou account. For this, we will require a copy of your ID, driver’s license or passport.

6.4 How much does ordering a money transfer cost when using bank accounts held outside the the UK?

This will depend completely on your bank and the charges they place on foreign exchanges and transfers. When you set up your gift list you nominate the currency of your account and that in which you would like guests to make contributions. Zankyou collects money in the currency and location nominated by you and will make the transfer in the currency nominated. Generally it's best to nominate the currency of your gift list to correspond with that of your bank account as exchange fees incurred by guests using their credit card will usually be lower than those on a cash transfer to a foreign bank account.

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