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Wedding gift list

The leading cash wedding registry in Ireland. Get started now!

100% cash

With Zankyou you receive all guests' contributions in cash, and you can then transfer the money directly to your bank account to spend it on whatever you want. You can send thank-yous directly from your mobile, and also download a breakdown of the payments from your list. Discover the easiest, most elegant way of receiving presents from your guests!

Completely secure

Zankyou guarantees total security with payments. Your money is always held in your name, and complies all European safety standards. Our payment portal is international, and supports revenue from all areas of the world, in the currency of your country.

The best rates

We offer the best rates in the market.
100% cash: Each gift has a service cost of 1.4% + 1€. You choose who pays the fees: you or your guests.

Premium Service

We guarantee 10 years of experience, with the best personalised service for you and your guests. We are the only wedding portal recommended by couples from around the world at Trustpilot, where 9 out of 10 couples who have used Zankyou recommend us.

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