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General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to all users. Click on the following link for the full document: General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Wedding Gift List Service

At the time of registration for a Zankyou account, you accepted the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to use Zankyou personal wedding websites. A separate Wedding Registry Service is applicable to clients who activate their wedding list on the personal Zankyou wedding website.
We encourage you to read these documents to understand your rights and responsibilities while using Zankyou Services.

The following texts are a selection of important main clauses and do not represent the documents in their entirety.

Article 2.1 General Service

ZANKYOU, offers any private individuals planning to celebrate a wedding a platform on which to design, organize and structure a Personal Webpage and Gift List

Article 2.2.2 Creation of the Wedding List

The GUEST will be able to make a CONTRIBUTION payment through credit card payment methods (Visa and Mastercard) following the procedure established on the Website. ZANKYOU guarantees the payment security and will notify the CONTRIBUTOR of successful payment via email.

Article 2.4.1 Associated bank account

In order to place Transfer Orders, BENEFICIARIES must activate their WEDDING LIST by associating a Bank Account or PayPal with their WEDDING LIST. The purpose of this process is to guarantee the safety and legitimacy of the Transfer Orders made by the BENEFICIARIES. To this effect, the BENEFICIARIES must submit the Activation Contract available on the Website, completed in full and signed by both BENEFICIARIES.

Article 2.4.5 Transfer orders

Once the Transfer Order has been received, the transfer will be made within the following two (2) business days.

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