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A recent survey of Irish couples has uncovered interesting information about wedding trends in Ireland. Let’s take a look…

Engagement times are getting shorter, with 40% of couples getting married within 12 months of getting engaged. Where couples used to spend 2 years planning their wedding, with everything that meant for finding venues and the dress, people are now making decisions more quickly and, thanks to the internet, finding the things they need quicker. Engagement Survey Engagement Survey


This is especially important for wedding venues, such as hotels and country houses, as capturing last-minute couples can mean getting business at times that, in the past, would have remained quiet.

Ciara Crossan, founder of – a great website for Wedding Hotels, says, “We Google everything these days and venues looking to give themselves the best opportunity to capture the lucrative wedding market need to be positioned well on search engines and websites as that is where their potential couples are hanging out.”

The survey also found that while the summer month remain the backbone of wedding season, almost 30% of couples opt for an Autumn-Winter wedding in October, November and December. Meanwhile, 75% of couples have their weddings in hotels, while 15% of couples are getting married in bespoke country house weddings or castle weddings.

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