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The awaited proposal has been made and the journey has begun. The venue has been chosen and the bridal dress hung. Two individual paths now cross and are destined to become one. Why not capture a part of your past, have a reminder of the big day and create an heirloom for the future with a stunning bespoke vintage and stylish brooch and jewelled bouquet.


A forever bouquet is timeless and tells its own story, it is definitely a talking point at any wedding, allowing family memories and anecdotes to be shared and cherished.


If you are a bride that walks to the beat of her own drum, then one of these beautiful bouquets from Bouquet-licious will be the perfect out of the box touch for your elegant wedding. Every one-of-a-kind bouquet from Bouquet-licious is designed and handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail and each one is a tale of times gone by and futures yet to come.

No matter in what part of the world the bride is from, she can choose if she would like a funky and contemporary or vintage and classic bouquet, it all depends on her style and the theme of the wedding. Bouquet-licious has their own precious materials but they also encourage brides to incorporate sentimental pieces to create a personalised memory bouquet.

This is an everlasting piece of art that the bride can create with treasured memories and family heirlooms or new sentimental pieces, chosen by the couple, as they begin their journey together.

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