Our Top 5 Favourite Save the Date Cards

Check out our 5 favourite Save the Date cards for telling your guests about your big day. Cute, different or just traditional, there's a look for everyone!

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So you have set the date. What now?  Well more and more  couples are now choosing to announce their wedding date with Save the Date Cards, a lovely way of notifying guests that a date has been set and to keep the date free. We take a look at this ever increasing popular trend and what is available and select our Top 5 favourites.

When it comes to Save the Date cards, there are no hard and fast rules. If you have only just set the date for your wedding, it may be too soon to know exactly what you want in respect of colours and schemes for your day.

Whilst there are the traditional bespoke and off the shelf cards available couples are becoming more inventive and creative and personalising the cards with photographs and stories adding that little something completely unique and different with a personal touch.


So, here is our top five most loved:

1. This is just super cute with a great personal touch.

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1. Callaway Gable Photography


2. These cards really do just say it all:

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2. Crafty Pagan Designs

3. This carnival inspired card is unique and very pretty:

3. Nuage Mulberry

4. And for the DIY person inside you:

4. Marthastewartweddings.com

5. Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland:

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5. Crafty Pagan Designs

Which one’s your favourite? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. And remember, we’ve got tickets for the National Wedding Show to give away. Check the competition out by clicking on the link!

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