The Zankyou International Wedding Awards, sponsored by Etsy

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The Zankyou International Wedding Awards are’s opportunity to celebrate innovation, creativity and style in the world of weddings.

Following the success of the Zankyou International Wedding Awards 2011, which sparked amazing buzz on blogs and social networking sites worldwide, we decided to make the 2012 edition even better. And with the support of our sponsors Etsy – the marketplace for handmade and vintage goods and supplies, we’re sure to make an impact!

How it works

ZIWA 2012 is all about inspiration. In other words, it’s about finding the most inspirational wedding sites and telling them how they great they are.

With the help of nearly 40 wedding experts from the UK and abroad, who all kindly agreed to be part of our ZIWA Judging Panel, we’ve come up with a list of 180 nominees from every continent in the world.

From 16th to 23rd of April, it’s YOUR TURN to help us find the 99 most inspirational wedding sites worldwide. The only thing you need to do is vote!

For up-to-date news about ZIWA 2012, why not follow us on Twitter via our UK account @Zankyou_UK or our US account @Zankyou, with the hashtag #ZIWA2012.


Zankyou is a comprehensive site for all things wedding. Through Zankyou Wedding Magazine, we aim to inspire and help our couples to plan the wedding of their dreams. Meanwhile, our Online Wedding List and Wedding Website service allows couples to register for honeymoon activities, a dream project or charitable donation, as well as household goods – and receive the contribution to their list in their regular bank account.

We’re proud to say that we are well established in more than 15 countries, providing services in 8 languages – now you can’t get much more international than that can you?!

For more information about ZIWA 2012, Zankyou Wedding Magazine and the Zankyou wedding list and wedding website service, please write to


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