The history of wedding favours & some DIY inspiration

The history of wedding favours & some DIY inspiration

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Ever wondered about the history of wedding favours and why we give them to guests at weddings?

Centuries ago, European aristocrats would give glamorous gifts to their wedding guests as a symbol of good luck. The gifts, usually cubes of sugar or sugared sweets in jewelled boxes would also symbolise their wealth and royal status. Sugar was an expensive luxury, something only the wealthy could afford.

From sugar to almonds

Over the years, as the price of sugar came down, the trend spread rapidly across the world and sugared sweets were replaced with Jordan almonds, today, more commonly known as sugared almonds. Tradition states that 5 almonds should be given as a symbol of fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The contrast of the savoury almond and the sweet sugar was to represent the bittersweet experience of married life!

Sugared Almonds - Photo: Sugashack

Although still a popular wedding favour throughout Europe, almonds are now being replaced by more modern and personalised gifts. Couples are coordinating their favours to fit in with their elaborate themes and colour schemes. From candles to coasters and fridge magnets to fine wine, pretty much anything goes and it’s something guests certainly look forward to receiving.

Edible favours

Recent trends show an increase in hand-made or “DIY” wedding favours. Not only does this allow couples to personalise their gifts but it also really keeps the cost down of what can be quite an expensive item on a wedding budget. Couples (often with help from their friends and family) are turning their hands to baking biscuits, cupcakes, macaroons and making homemade chocolates to give to their guests. Who doesn’t like edible gifts!

DIY Biscuit Favours - Photo:

Get your DIY hat on

With an array of online sites like eBay and Crafty Angels selling ribbons, stickers and all sorts of decorative DIY kits, it’s very easy to make even the most basic of gifts look like you’ve spent lots of money! Hunting through markets and vintage shops is also a great way of coming across different types of fabrics or bows to use to accessorise your gifts.

DIY Favour tags - Photo: Etsy
DIY Favour Kit - Photo: Soap Deli News

Popular DIY favours include homemade jams/chutneys, thank you DVDs or CDs featuring music played on the wedding day with photos of the couple, miniature potted plants grown by the couple in their own garden or lavender sachets. All easy to make, cheap and something homemade and personal will always be more appreciated by your guests.

DIY Jam Favours - Photo: Etsy
DIY CD Favour - Photo: Simply Knot Photography

Are you making your own favours or have any creative suggestions? Let us know! @Zankyou_IE

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