Meet the Judges of the Zankyou International Wedding Awards 2012

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Get to know our Judging Panel! Find out more about each one by clicking on the links…

Mark Niemierko, Event and Wedding Planner
Event and Wedding Planner, UK

Kelly Hood of Boho Weddings and Events
Wedding planner and blogger, UK

Mary Herrington of Forever & Ever Events
Wedding planner and designer, UK

Kelly & Colette of All Wrapped Up
Wedding planners, UK
Ana Longás y Violeta Peinado

Wednesday Wedding Planners
Ana Longás y Violeta Peinado are experts in wedding planning, Spain

Concha Molina de En Buenas Manos
Wedding planning expert, Spain

Emy Teruel
Director, Exclusive Wedding, Wedding Planner and Designer, Spain

María Nieto Lerdo de Tejada de Today Bodas y Eventos
Expert in organising events, Spain

Vanessa Moreno
Director, Elite Wedding Planners, Spain

Laura Delfino

Expert in events organisation and director of Komma Eventos, Uruguay-Argentina

Sara Laveglia di
Expert copywriter specialising in weddings, Italy

Sandra Mariani di Nozze Furbe
Expert in low cost and sustainable weddings, Italy

Jessica Sloane of Lovebird Style
Wedding Planner, USA

Mindy Marzec of Budget FairyTale
Wedding Blogger, USA

Bernadette Coveney Smith of 14 Stories
Same-Sex Weddings Expert, USA

Camelu Millán, Diseño Nupcial

Master Bridal Consultant, Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, Mexico

Dayana Romero, Dromance

Wedding organiser and coordinator, Mexico

Dagyi Rivera, Wow que Boda

Event planning and organisation, ABC Wedding Planner Professional, México

Janete Pimenta – Pepper Wedding
Event design, Brazil

Shirley Yañez – Para falar de casamento
Event organiser, Brazil

Emanuelle Missura – Casar é fácil
Event organiser, Brazil

Mari Dedivitis – Salve Sto. Antônio
Event organiser, Brazil

Kalinka Cope
Event organiser, Brazil

Tamara Wedding planner
Wedding Planner, Chile

Ewa Wardęga
Owner and Wedding Planner in Kraina Ślubów, member of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, Poland

Kinga Nowakowska


Organises weddings with Katarzyna Wachułka at Raz w Życiu. Member of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, Poland

Zuza Kuczbajska

Wedding planner and marketing director at Ślubna Pracownia, member of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, Poland

Anna Piwońska

Owner and Wedding Planner at Perfect Day, member of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, Poland


Joanna Jażdżewska

Wedding Planner at Gabriel Gustowne Wesele, member of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, Poland


Vivian ter Huurne

Wedding Planner at Bruidsmeisje, Netherlands

Tamara Tijdink

Wedding and Partyplanning at Ceremonara, Netherlands

Bianca Tool

Wedding Planner at White Wedding, Netherlands

Astrid Blaauw

Wedding Planner, Netherlands

Valentine Holtzapffel, Histoires d’Envies
Wedding planning expert, France

Florence Chesneau, Floasis Events
Wedding planning expert, France

Céline Prenassi, Pièce Montée
Wedding planning expert, France

Caroline Le Moigne, Les Têtes Chercheuses
Wedding planning expert, France

Aude Bronner, Epouse & Moi
Wedding planning expert, France


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