Italy's Calling: See The Hottest Places To Get Married In 2020

Is Italy an option for your destination wedding? Find out the best, most chic places to get married this year in one of the world's most sought after countries.

Italy's Calling: See The Hottest Places To Get Married In 2020
Foto: Castello di Montgnano
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If you’re looking to get married in one of the most romantic locations in the world, you’ve come to the right place. There is no doubt that Italy is one of the top 10 places to get married for 2020. It’s simple; Italy is sophisticated, warm, with the perfect amount of ancient attractions and a cuisine that could influence anyone to hop on a plane and take a trip.

Once you have started wedding planning, though, you will realise that choosing a venue is not so simple. There are a myriad of great options, and so knowing which ones are worthy of taking a visit to, is crucial. This season the Zankyou team are loving these 5 amazing locations, so if you trust us, continue reading!

Castello Chiaramonte

The Castle Chiaramonte of Siculiana is a rich and splendid architectural monument which lies on the Mediterranean sea. It is located in Siculiana, a place that has been chosen time and time again as one of the best sites for a beautiful wedding celebration. The castle was built on the top of a headland, and has Arabic origins. Many marriages and noble agreements have been celebrated in this castle due to the belief that any celebration that takes place on the “Rock of Siculiana”, is blessed!

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Photo: Castello Chiaramonte

Villa Podernovo

This 18th century venue is a romantic location for contemporary boho and rustic weddings. The villa’s abbey, situated only 7 km from the villa, is a unique venue for weddings. If you are hosting a wedding in the autumn or winter in Italy, this is a great option. Their luxury pool and a covered area are great places to celebrate any type of wedding celebration. But don’t just take our word for it – contact them to find out more!

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Photo: Villa Podernovo

Castello de Montignano Relais & Spa

The Castle of Montignano dates back to 962 AD. It is located in an original medieval village where it overlooks the beautiful Martani Mountains. And this exterior beauty is matched by what you will find inside the walls of the castle. Recently renovated, this venue mixes the beauty of the old and the refinement of contemporary design. It is equipped with a SPA with Wellness Center, two restaurant kitchens and several indoor and outdoor dining rooms for receptions! This is a truly beautiful setting for any 2020 wedding.

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Photo: Castello di Montignano

Corte Franca

Modern but with handmade interior spaces and 10000 square meters of garden, Corte Franca Eventi is the ideal place to have a fun, yet harmonious wedding event. This exclusive Italian structure combines sport and wellness, matched by their unique menus! They are rich in water, ecological, fresh, tasty and healthy thanks to their internal kitchen; a kitchen which uses only local products, including their own dairy, vegetables from their own garden and meat sourced only from farms that have taken care of their animal and have a low environmental impact. This venue is a great choice for a truly sustainable 2020 wedding!

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Photo: Corte Franca Eventi

Villa Balke

Situated in the Gulf of Naples, this venue is synonymous with elegance. Ideal for an al fresco ceremony and reception, this venue has bright interiors and gardens, a private beach and a panoramic pool terrace! This location offers an array of experienced musicians to add the perfect atmosphere to any kind of event. And, with a capacity of nearly 300, you are guaranteed to provide a day of non-stop fun for your friends and family.

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Photo: Villa Balke

So, if you’re looking to have a beautifully intimate ceremony and wedding party in the gorgeous country of Italy, one of these luxury venues could be the perfect backsdrop for your special day! Simply choose the one that best suits your style, or the one that is situated in your desired destination, and celebrate under the stars.


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