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Introducing Brenda Oman of GirlieGuide.com

Introducing Brenda Oman, fashion writer, who will bring the latest trends to Zankyou.

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Introducing Brenda Oman, fashion writer, who is bringing the latest trends to Zankyou through her post What to wear to a spring wedding.

Brenda Oman of Girlie Guide writes about fashion for Zk Magazine

I was born in Dublin, Ireland where I spent most of my young life. After a brief period of surfing and shopping in the West of Ireland I have now settled in the beautiful corner of our little Isle that is County Wicklow.

It was during a long suffering career in Law that I discovered my passion for all things fashion and style and the joy it brought to me to share this knowledge with others and help them to look great and feel great.

It has now become a deep passion of mine, a second love so to speak from which I get great satisfaction helping people and making them smile (stylishly of course).

So, I decided, with some gentle persuasion from friends and loved ones, to take my learned knowledge and share it with the world at large and so I created GirlieGuide.com, a place where women can come and share in my passions and also help women everywhere be unashamedly fabulous!!”

To read Brenda’s first post for Zankyou on What to wear to a spring wedding, click here.

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