Casual Wedding Hair

Casual Wedding Hair

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savePhoto: One Love Photo
Photo: One Love Photo

That slightly messy bed-head look that became so fashionable in the 90s is still ever present, and never more so when it comes to brides in 2019. Gone are the days of super neat and immaculate bridal hair, we’re now seeing much more of a natural and relaxed look for brides. I like to call it Casual Hair, which brings to minds all sorts of connotations from doing your hair in a hurry, to having just left the gym or just woken up. Basically, anything that is free from too many clips, bands, hairspray and other things that neatly hold your hair in place. The objective is to achieve a look that is natural and free form, and as close to your every day look as possible.

savePhoto: Stone Fox Bride
Photo: Stone Fox Bride

This way of styling hair is as simple as the need to be true to yourself especially on a day as special as your wedding. There is nothing worse than looking at your wedding album in 20 years time, and not recognising yourself or regretting choosing a dress or a hair style that really didn’t match our personalities or represent our every day selves.

savePhoto: Sweet Little Photographs
Photo: Sweet Little Photographs

There is a fine line between letting your hair look natural and making it look like you just didn’t bother! The best thing to do is to make it look like you haven’t given your hair too much importance over other things and although you want to be a slightly better version than your everyday self, we do recommend you put yourself in the hand of professionals, that will make your hair look fantastic and glossy without making it look too slicked back and neat.

savePhoto: BHLDN
Photo: BHLDN

Stylist Moncho Moreno, in charge of hair for the Pronovias models at Barcelona Bridal Week explained to us, that although very natural looking, this type of hair styling never takes less than at least 45 minutes. ‘These hairstyles take a lot of work, the hair needs to look good and stay looking good for which the right products need to be applied’.

‘It’s not always true that this type of look requires less hair products. The important thing is to create a type of optical illusion with extra hold products used by professional hair stylists. It’s also best for bride’s not to have washed their hair the same day as it helps to hold in place much better’.

savePhotos: BHLDN 'Mira Gown' & Nina Ricci, spring-summer 2014
Photos: BHLDN ‘Mira Gown’ & Nina Ricci, spring-summer 2014

The most popular of the natural looks: plaited crowns, a pony-tail to one side, a loose bun… ‘These types of look are perfectly casual. It is ideal if you have longer hair, otherwise you may need to consider hair extensions if you want a certain look involving long wavy hair or a bun’.

saveNina Ricci, spring-summer 2014. Photo: Nina Ricci via Facebook
Nina Ricci, spring-summer 2014. Photo: Nina Ricci via Facebook

‘This look is generally easy to achieve, but only once we have prepared the texture of the hair’. The success and hold of an up-do or specific hairstyle always depends on the initial preparation and treatments used so that the hair looks as stunning as possible and holds all day. ‘If it’s loose waves you’re after, your hair needs to have body and form, otherwise it’ll go flat, especially in warm weather. If you want a plait or a bun then we need to ensure that the hair will stay in place all day’.

savePhoto: Julian Beattie
Photo: Julian Beattie

If you have particularly fine hair, it is recommended you use specific products to add body and texture ahead of the big day. If it’s short and you want an up-do then we recommend extensions, so that there’s no risk of those smaller hairs coming out of place during the day. ‘If you have thick or curly hair with lots of volume, you need to do the opposite: straighten the hair until you get slightly softer and lighter waves that are easier to work with’.

savePhoto: Enchanted Atelier
Photo: Enchanted Atelier

‘The type of plait in this photo is very natural, it’s a little untidy, with slight waves around the tips and front. Even though it’s more of an undo, it still remains in complete control because of the products added to the hair during the preparation’. This process also helps to not lose volume throughout the day.

Recommended products: ‘To achieve a shiny effect are Brilliant Spray All Shine by Aveda, or Light Element Smoothing Fluid, also by Aveda’.

The beauty of all this is that the hair falls in a natural way once it’s been worked, so that it maintains a romantic, feminine and flattering look throughout the whole day.

Neat or messy, what’s your preference? Let us know! @Zankyou_IE

Photo Credits: One Love Photo, Sweet Little Photographs Julian Beattie Stone Fox Bride BHLDN Enchanted Atelier

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