Are you sticking to tradition when it comes to cake toppers? Here's what we think

Are you sticking to tradition when it comes to cake toppers? Here's what we think

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Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, christenings… every good celebration wouldn’t be complete without a magnificent cake. My engagement cake was amazing. A huge chocolate creation with hand made chocolate roses, I’ll never forget it. In fact, it was much better than my wedding cake, but that’s another story!


So let’s talk about the king of desserts at any wedding – the cake, and not just the enormous choice of designs, filling and toppings that can be used to create this masterpiece. A spectacular cake can be the start and end of any conversation with your guests not being able to resist a slice of deliciousness!

Cakes are definitely one of the main and most popular focal points of any grand celebration attracting glances from around the room. Wedding cakes do have a certain wow factor, and with the amount of creativity and technical work that goes into their design, it’s no wonder why.

Wedding cakes have grown to be a luxurious item to have at any event. Costing hundreds of pounds, cakes can be made to look as spectacular and unique as you like. From matching themes to 12 tiers, we’ve seen them all before, but what interests us the most is that magical and personal little detail that is added to the top to complete things and make it just perfect.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the typical couple on top of the cake. It’s not that I don’t like them, I had one of those myself that now adorns our TV stand -It’s just that they have become so mainstream, generic even and uninspiring, however cute they may be. Having said that, I have seen some marvellous creations where the little cake toppers are wearing football shirts of the teams supported by the couple or dressed as their favourite hobbies. Now those are the ones I love. Little glints of personality and character shining through tradition.

What are the alternatives? Well, the list is endless really. Be creative, inspire yourself in your favourite passtimes, music, hobbies or food. Look for intricate pieces online or in markets and create your own.

Wooden, crochet, figurines with birds and romantic words. Ensure it’s pretty, romantic and ultimately unique to you as a couple.

These are some of our favourites, we hope you like them!

savePhoto: Gladys Jem
Photo: Gladys Jem
savePhoto: Imaginative Studios
Photo: Imaginative Studios
savePhoto: Matt and Katie Photographers
Photo: Matt and Katie Photographers
savePhoto: Katrina of Blue Bottle Photography
Photo: Katrina of Blue Bottle Photography
savePhoto: Pictilio
Photo: Pictilio
savePhoto: We Love Pictures
Photo: We Love Pictures
savePhoto: Kitchener Photography
Photo: Kitchener Photography
savePhotos: Closer to Love Photography / Gia Canali / Jose Villa Photography / McDorman Photography
Photos: Closer to Love Photography / Gia Canali / Jose Villa Photography / McDorman Photography

What do you think? Tradition v modern cake toppers? Tweet us a photo of your cake topper and I’ll promise to tweet you a photo of mine! @Zankyou_IE


Photo Credits: Gladys Jem Imaginative Studios Matt & Katie Photographers Blue Bottle Photography  Pictilio We Love Pictures Kitchener Photography Closer to Love Gia Canali Jose Villa Photography MCDorman Photography



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