5 Sumptuous menu ideas for your Summer Wedding

5 Sumptuous menu ideas for your Summer Wedding

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Yay, summer is finally upon us! Well… an Irish summer anyway. OK, so it may not be quite the same temperature as the Greek Islands, but it is summer, it is the season, so let’s make the most of it!


Wedding menus or “the wedding breakfast” can be a little mundane. As a guest we’ve all been to a wedding where we’ve been served a very mediocre roast dinner. In fact, our mum’s roast dinner is much better. Wedding foods have really evolved in the last 10 years with many couples choosing to steer clear of the traditional roast. More and more people are opting for their favorite foods to take centre stage at their wedding and summer is the perfect season to get playful with your food choices. Take a look at look at these inspiring and fun foodie ideas.


Yes, we associate them with our back gardens, but they don’t just have to be just burgers and sausages. Hog roasts, kebabs, halloumi and even lamb roasts. Everyone loves a BBQ. It’s fun, brings people together and who doesn’t love a bit of coleslaw on the side? You can be as imaginative as you like. We do love a cheeseburger though…

Wedding BBQ Hog Roast Photo: pigspit.ie

Outdoor Buffet:

Vol Au vents, quiche, sandwiches?? Noooo! Giant paellas, Thai curries, and delicious cheeseboards yes please! Again, be as imaginative as you like. Love Italian antipasti? Then a lovely selection of Italian meats and cheeses with a variety of breads would be amazing! How about Sushi platters and Asian salads? This is one place where you can really let your imagination run wild. It extends to sweet treats too. We’re sure a dessert table would go down very well with your guests.

A giant paella to share! Photo: Eunice Power

Summery Cocktails:

We love a cocktail, and even more so when the sun is shining and we’re sat outdoors. Refreshing icy margaritas and cool crisp mojitos are just perfect, but you could have the bar staff come up with a signature cocktail just for your wedding. Name it after your now “joint” surname or your honeymoon location. One more Mauritius Morning? Yes please! These served up in fun and unusual glassware will really get your guests in the mood for a boogie later!

Personalised cocktails Photo: Lara Luz

Fish & Chips:

We don’t just mean from the local chippy, but from a retro van that will come to your reception venue, park outside and let guests form an orderly queue for their fish supper! They’ll even bring the mushy peas, curry sauce AND, wrap them in newspaper with your wedding date on it. This is something that your guests will keep talking about for months on end. You see, fish & chips aren’t just for Fridays!

Fish & Chip Wedding Photo: Lucy G Photography

Ice Cream Parlour:

Every good meal needs to end on a sweet note and a wedding is no different. We want more than just cake. We want sweet delights in addition to cake! Summer and ice-cream are a marriage made in heaven. Summer, ice-creams, weddings… a perfect trio! Why not give your guests a DIY sundae station where they can build their own towers of fun. Personally, I like a wafer and some strawberry sauce. Yum!

DIY Ice Cream Parlour Photo: Deray & Simcoe Photographers

What if it rains? Or the summer isn’t as warm as it should be? Then a marquee is the answer to many a weather related problem and venues in Ireland are more than equipped to give you a back up option in case the weather is miserable. Your guests queuing for their fish & chips in the rain? Personalised umbrellas will keep them nice and dry. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


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