Lillian West For Fall 2018: The Perfect Looks For Bold Boho Brides

Take an in-depth look at Lillian West's collection for Fall/Winter 2018, and enjoy the natural vibes and bohemian theme that make up this original new range.

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For Fall/Winter 2018, Lillian West by Justin Alexander delves into and explores the world of the bohemian bride, and pushes the norms of bridal fashion to its limits. Though there are a number of gowns within this range that will satsify the desires of the traditional or romantic bride, many of these outfits are specifically reserved for the most free-spirited, and the most avant-garde brides. Unconventional women who want a radical look for their nuptials will have no trouble finding an original and modern look this season!

Though the atypical characteristics of “bohemian bridal looks” are present in this range – including the use of light-as-air flowing fabrics, woven embroidery, and A-line and empire cuts – Lillian West also shows off their progressive design techniques and styles. The first two looks in this gallery exemplify this perfectly – and we’re happy to see that wedding separates are becoming a popular choice for brides! Even the dresses included in this range are more daring than usual – most are backless, strapless, and in many cases, traditional materials such as French lace is replaced with more informal, folksy fabrics like crochet lace.

A collection that we hope will inspire more designers to be a little braver with alternative designs, Lillian West for Fall/Winter 2018 introduces a whole new style to the bridal fashion industry, making bohemian gowns that are luxurious but also very affordable. For modern brides who want a dress that is going to reflect their personality, instead of having to dial back their style for their wedding day, then this is the perfect place to look. We are sure that you will find your dream look with Lillian West!

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Lillian West For Fall 2018: The Perfect Looks For Bold Boho Brides